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IoT from inside the tornado

From December until now I have been inside the IoT tornado. In December we did not have a product. Half January we had a first beta with 25 partners. In February big names joined and Forbes already spoke of industry-wide adoption. In March the cheapest x86 became the smartest switch that has the potential to solve the 4 biggest telecom industry problems on Mobile World Congress. April saw a Broadcom-powered Celestica switch from Penguin Computing become the smartest switch, the first fridge with apps from GE, the first drone with apps, a Patton VoIP gateway, industrial gateways, Netcom CPEs, Acer smart home hub, ARM mbed OS integration, etc. on IoT World. Forbes and others loved it. This week GE showed me the future of smart home appliances and I was amazed. I can tell you that does not happen every day. Next week is Computex in Taiwan. Acer is there again. Dell will present their first Industrial IoT gateway powered by Snappy Ubuntu Core. If everything goes according to plan there will be a market changing announcement.

All this would not have been possible without an excellent team of Ubuntu Core engineers, product managers, sales teams, BD teams, top management, etc. and last but not least awesome partners that time after time surprised me. Many thanks to all of them.

When I read Inside the Tornado, I could never have imagined it really feels like being inside a tornado. The secret sauce of success = 99% last minute transpiration + some of the most innovative brains + 1% luck. Forget long term business cases and innovation through planning. Listen to problems in the market. Understand cutting edge innovations. Strategically combine them all. Do instead of plan, break, learn, redo, break, learn, redo, get something working, feedback, restart the process. Imagination from a desk is a limitation, it keeps you inside your world of comfort. Show, tell a story, get feedback, update, show again, etc.

Changing industries is hard work but has become easier than ever. Hyper-innovation is fast dividing the world into leaders/innovators and followers/victims. As a victim you are at the mercy of the innovator. I hope you prefer to be in control of your destiny so if you are not an innovator yet, then you should become a dinovator. GE FirstBuild showed me this week that it is possible to go from follower to dinovator to super innovator. What are you waiting for?

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