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Revolutionary News ;-) PWC to chipmakers – IoT will be your next growth market…

You go to http://www.pwc.com/IoT and download their IoT report and you will learn that PC’s will no longer be the next growth market, IoT will be. So as a semiconductor manufacturer you need to come up with a strategy and optimise operational costs for IoT. 

The most useless IoT report!!!!

I have read some useless IoT reports but this one really crowns it. I hope PWC did not call Intel, ARM, Broacom, Samsung, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Allwinner, etc. to tell them they should look into IoT as their next growth market because they would be laughed out of the boardroom. If you are a semiconductor manufacturer that hasn’t been investing in IoT by now then you are not going to be around in the next years. Hardware R&D has long delivery cycles. You can’t just invest in an IoT chipset by tomorrow because PWC says so today. On Computex in Taiwan, a week from now, Raman Chitkara (PWC global technology leader) should go and see what will be presented there. He will be surprised to see that chip makers have been heavily investing in IoT already and will be presenting their first or often next generation of IoT products. Unlike what the reports suggests, IoT is not only about low margins on high volumes but also about smart devices that can connect to lots of sensors and single purpose devices and create synergies via apps. These smart devices will need powerful semiconductors. My suggestion to PWC is to revamp their website with new ideas after they get back from Computex. Happy to sell them some strategy consulting to put them in the right track 🙂

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