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The future of IoT in the home will make the Nest irrelevant

Many people don’t realize that IoT in the home means apps and app stores everywhere. Single purpose equipment will solve single problems but appliances with apps will bring synergies. GE showed the first smart fridge with apps on the Ubuntu stand in IoT World but this is just scratching the surface. Home appliances will eliminate lots of small single purpose devices. You don’t need an alarm key pad if your dish washer has an LCD screen that displays keys while the alarm is on. Neither do you need a thermostat like the Nest if your fridge already measures your room temperature and your alarm can tell if you are home or not. You also don’t need a fixed phone. Your Bluetooth speaker has a microphone. So does your TV. A Bluetooth headset is for private calls. Your modem can run the VoIP and cloud telecommunication app. You don’t need a sprinkler controller, a swimming pool controller, a garage door controller, an air-conditioning remote control, an alarm clock, a radio, etc. Apps on always on appliances will eliminate them. Expect your home to listen to voice, gesture or even heartbeat commands.

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