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The story of …

Once upon a time there was a black box. It felt bad about itself because all its brothers and sisters had a purpose in life. They were all excellent at doing something special. The black box on the contrary was just good at connecting to others. Though it was smarter than most and had a bigger housing that its siblings, there was nothing special about this black box. One day the whole family made a trip to a field. Everybody expected the field to be green. However when they arrived they found an ugly brown field full of garbage that was accumulated through the years. All the good looking siblings very quickly crashed because they expected a clean surface or got overwhelmed by the many garbage boxes that came to great them in very ancient languages that did not fit their handshake. The black box however was able to connect to all the garbage and reinvent itself over and over again. Its flexibility was limitless because it just needed to go online to get some new extension.

This was the story about the industrial gateway that choose not be sexy but instead be smarter and have more storage and above all rely on an external app store. The story will not win a price but going for a fixed function, fixed API, fix standard, etc. will result in a lot more scary story. Unfortunately the wolf will come before the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan…

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