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IoT success = cutting-edge engineering + out-of-the-box business thinking

Internet of Things, or IoT in short, is going to be the biggest revolution of this century. However the engineering challenges are massive. Billions of low-energy sensors will have to be invented, produced, integrated, operated and maintained. These sensors will talk to millions of gateways over new network protocols. The gateways will communicate via next-generation network devices and software-defined networks to public and private clouds. These clouds will run scale out big data solutions that will dwarf even the biggest supercomputers today. Billions of containers will be running massive micro-services IoT business solutions. One mistake and a hacker from a country you don’t even know to locate can bring down a whole house, a whole company, or worse a whole country.

The business side is looking even less clear. The open source IoT tsunami that is coming means asking for licenses is suicide. Open source hardware and 3D printing result in razor thin hardware margins. Privacy will be central when technology is so central to people’s home and businesses. If it is free then you are the product will become harder if a dot com can know what you are doing in bed, with whom and even if you liked it. Business SLAs will be stricter than ever because customers will expect answers in sub-seconds however human operators will no longer be able to find and fix problems because of the overall system complexities. Roll-outs will be global even if telecom operator’s networks don’t cross borders and electricity plugs and voltage are super local. Ask a customer what IoT solution they want and they will answer you what is IoT.

In these circumstances you might be surprised that I will be focusing on solving these challenges and Telruptive readers will be the first to know when some are resolved…

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