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Computer Vision is a reality today.

In a video posted on Youtube in January 2011, PHD student [now Dr. not surprisingly] Zdenek Kalal shows off his doctor’s thesis: Predator. Predator is a computer vision algorithm that shows how this nacent industry has matured in a few years.

First you define the object you want to track. In this case Zdenek selected his face.

Afterwards the face is automatically recognized. Even when the head is moved sideways.

 Finally it is even possible to recognize a face between many others on a photo.




Computer Vision is one of those domains that has been underutilized by most, except of course for Facebook, Google, etc. However in the age where people are moving from voice to video chat and even continuous live broadcasting, everybody that wants to add extra value towards end-users, or customers/advertisers, should be looking at the possibilities of computer vision. Imagine what is possible if you combine a Kinect or Leap with Predator: online advertisers and secret services ‘ paradise.

The whole video can be found here:

As well as the original source code and an alternative C++ implementation in the making.

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