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Every appliance should have a REST API…

A lot of people are talking about home automation, M2M in cars, etc. However there is a simpler solution than investing thousands of euros to automate everything. What if a new standard was developed that would combine UPnP, REST and WiFi and it would be embedded in most consumer appliances, cars, etc.? The idea is simple: allow devices to be discovered [UPnP] connected to your home network [WiFi] and allow them to expose their main functionality [REST].

What would be the big deal? 

At the moment you can connect your SmartTV to your home network and download a mobile app that will discover your television and allow it to be controlled remotely. This is all nice and well. However it keeps on limiting the consumer on using one app per device. The real difference would be if every device could be integrated with via a very easy API [REST]. Ideally there would be standard APIs with the minimum common functionality per type of device, for instance for cars, fridges, ovens, radios, etc.

What type of use cases are possible?

At home people could turn the oven on and get a notification on their mobile when it is warmed up or when your pie is ready even. Parents can get alerted when their children left the fridge open.

On the road your car could talk to your iPad and the entertainment system could be driven from your iPad. New apps could be downloaded and installed inside the car.

At work people could be voting about the temperature of the air-conditioning. The Coke machine could be linked to your Paypal and you would not have to carry coins any more.

A lot more use cases are possible. However easy integration [REST], auto-discovery [UPnP] and connectivity [WiFi] are the basics…

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