Service and device ubiquirience

With the unstoppable trend of bring-your-own-device or BYOD, operators would be wise to focus on ubiquirience…

What is ubiquirience?

It is the combinations of ubiquitous and user experience. But it is easier explained with an example. Today families buy an iPad. One of the working parents will take the iPad to work for email, during the morning rush to find an alternative route and at home to read an e-book. The same device will also be used by the teenage daughter for home work, the 9-year-old will see a movie  and the 6-year-old son will play games on it.

The device has been used ubiquitously and provides a different user experience every time. Operators should not focus on the iOS or the iPad apps but on the fact that multiple people will be sharing one or more devices and expect different user experiences.

Operators should understand which Cloud solutions can help residential and enterprise customers move devices between different locations, use them for different needs and share them with different persons.

With tablets and smart TVs becoming more omni-present,  end-users need to be able to personalize devices based on the activity they are working on. A working parent wants to be able to have access to business solutions from home, be it on a PC, laptop, mobile, tablet or smart TV. Two minutes later that same device might be shared with a toddler.

Today’s services and devices are not ready for ubiquirience. Most corporate approval systems do not allow a business person to approve an urgent travel request from their smart TV. Neither are devices prepared to change between corporate and leisure time.

Telecom operators are in control of many devices and can offer enterprises solutions to push corporate settings to devices. Mobile SaaSification of legacy applications can help move existing custom build applications from on-site data centers to the cloud and make them accessible from any device…

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