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LiFi – the next communication medium

The economist is featuring a nice article about a new communication medium – transmitting data via light or LiFi. Additionally there is a very nice video on TED about DIDO:

In the future 10Gbps for several meters would be possible. Among some uses is WiFi-like access but via light instead of radio in planes to avoid cabling and interceptions.

The technology seems to be invented, now it is time to find good usage for it. Most new technologies can only be used to their full potential when combined with others.

So what would be possible if you combined:

LiFi with Augmented Reality

At the moment augmented reality means a lot of image recognition in real-time which requires expensive equipment or high-speed backoffice connections. However what would happen if you could combine LiFi sensors with augmented reality. Imagine a data center in which when pointing your phone towards the servers, the LiFi sensor would start receiving real-time information about the server. This would avoid the current drawbacks of sending information about this server over the Internet to then return to the phone. All what would be needed would be a LiFi sensor and a mobile app. No backoffice processing. No security problem with data that has to leave the building.

LiFi with Transport

Your car can negotiate with the objects around it. Traffic jams could be announced from car to car and drivers could be alerted about the fact that they are going to run into a very long traffic jam and should better exit in the next exit.

LiFi with Dating

Put a bachelor LiFi batch around your neck and by pointing your phone towards a desired partner you would get a compatibility score and if the score is high enough some clues about what he or she would like to talk about.

Many more things

There are probably many more possibilities so do not be shy to share them so they can be added to the post…

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