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Telecom predictions for 2012

Let me try to make predictions for 2012. Some will be negative, others will be positive for the industry.

Positive predictions:

  1. European television will become Cloud-based. Netflix, Apple, Google, etc. will launch all-you-can-eat video on-demand in Europe and change the current industry.
  2. M2M will become successful in the consumer & SME space but with moderate successes in the Corporate space. Some disruptive players will become market leaders. Due to lack of standards corporate adoption will have to wait till 2013.
  3. Telecom cloud solution providers will change the European telecom landscape. Twilio is a potential game changer.
Negative predictions:
  1. One or more major telecom operators will fail. With the crisis continuing some major telecom operator will get into trouble due to the high costs of LTE licenses and the abrupt drop in ARPU.
  2. Consolidation in the telecom provider domain. Either ALU or NSN will be losing its independence or Chinese players will merge.
  3. Nokia and RIM will lose their independence. Microsoft will absorb Nokia.

Let’s hope my negative predictions are wrong and a lot more positive things happen.

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