A Social M2M PaaS

I found an interesting alpha project called ParaImpu. It combines M2M / Internet of Things, a Cloud-based M2M Platform-as-a-Service / PaaS and a Social Network. The site is in private alpha stage but the concept of allowing people to easily set-up applications, connect multiple devices and share with friends, family and strangers is a strong concept. They call it the “Web of Things”.

Operators should pay attention to a new underground movement of hobbyists and small enterpreneurs that are using Do-it-Yourself kits to build new devices and applications. Although enterprise efforts are under way to offer end-to-end M2M solutions, the real M2M revolution is more likely to come from small startups like ParaImpu. A whole community of device builders, artists, software developers, etc. is forming around open source and Internet of Things solutions like Arduino, OpenPicus, mBed, ThingSpeak, Netduino, IOBridge, Pachube, Arrayent, etc.

Although most devices internally still use embedded C++ based software, more and more web technologies are being used to connect, monitor and manage devices. This is socializing the Internet of Things. The iPhone and its mobile apps took enterprises by surprise, the Web of Things might do the same…

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