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Network as a Service or NWaaS, Cisco beware…

The Internet would not exist today if it were not for Cisco Routers. However there is a revolution going on in the network. No longer are routers and switches the masters of the universe. Their virtual brothers and sisters are ready for war.

In the old days a network router would mean a complex hardware box that needs certified experts to get it working. I am the proud owner of a Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Point and man are those things hard to configure!!!

Two new technologies are here to change things: OpenFlow and Virtual Switches.

Both are part of a new domain that I call Network as a Service or NWaaS. NWaaS means networks at last have become cool and elastic again. Routers and switches are no longer independently taking decisions. Instead they will be submitted to “über”-controllers in the form of OpenFlow.

Virtual Switches are software switches that use software instead of hardware. A good example is Open vSwitch.  Virtual machines no longer connect with physical hardware. They connect with virtual switches.

The revolution has just started but having virtual switches and OpenFlow enabled hardware will make network designing and management a totally different activity. Combine this with the Cloud, Big Data and Computer Learning and tomorrow’s networks will need a lot less management and will be able to optimize themselves and completely reconfigure themselves multiple times a day or even more frequently…

  1. Ashwani
    December 7, 2011 at 2:07 am

    good and agree Cloud is chaning the entire computing paradigm. in coming years XaaS is making way and will replace traditional computing.
    CA is also coming up with products. Many start ups are there in nascent stages offering cloud based applications, tools etc.

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