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How RyanCom would destroy the European telecom business?

Let’s assume a new telecom competitor is entering the European market: RyanCom. Similarities to RyanAir are purely fictual 🙂

1) The Network

Instead of building expensive antenna networks RyanCom would make deals with Cable operators to put Femtocell equipment in cable modems and as such cheaply get coverage in major cities. Everybody that would switch to a Femtocell modem in their home or office would get 6 months of mobile usage for free.

Ryancom would have an agreement with the smallest operator in every country to sublease capacity if a Femtocell is not available.

2) Target User

iPad, Tablet owners, Websurfers, Roamers, etc. Ryancom would allow one data plan for the whole of Europe. Since the bulk of the traffic would go via Femtocell, better access costs could be provided. €5-10-15/month to have €5-10-15 Gigabyte/month.

3) Backoffice systems

All backoffice operating and business systems would be running in a cloud and open source is heavily used. Since there are only a limit number of data plans, there is no need for a billing system. SaaS like Zuora are enough. Google Apps and Salesforce would also be heavily used.

4) Social aspects

Social aspects would be very important. There would be competitions going on for which subscriber can convince more friends to join RyanCom.   There is no helpdesk in the traditional manner. There is community support just like GiffGaff.

The End Result

RyanCom would be able to gain young data-intensive and roaming subscribers. They will see RyanCom initially as a second provider for their tablets. Little by little RyanCom could become their first provider when Skype and other applications become common use to make mobile calls.

RyanCom might be a fictional company but operators should be warned that fiction and reality might be just a matter of time…



  1. November 23, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    If you replace FemtoCell by Wifi you just happened to describe Fon (http://fon.com/) 🙂

    No news there…

    • November 23, 2011 at 8:42 pm

      Hi Diego,

      I agree that Fon is not new and around for some years. The problem is that a 3G or 4g device needs to explicitly switch to wifi. If you use femtocell then your phone can connect to it transparently and you do not need a mobile app to do handovers and so on. The disadvantage is the fact that you need to have official license to be able to use femtocell since it is using the licensed spectrum. However with the right connections to governments or the EU there could be loop holes.


  1. November 30, 2011 at 11:23 am

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