Specialized SaaS to Explode

If you take a look at the type of SaaS solutions that are currently in the market then you see a lot of generic solutions: hosted email, backup in the cloud, CRMs, ERPs, etc. Although these solution will continue to exist, the future of SaaS is more likely to be in specialized solutions that either focus on a specific customer segment or a specific type of solution.

These specialized SaaS will help a doctor to manage patients, a professor to teach better, a grocery to sell more, a software architect to design better software, etc. The specialized SaaS will be a mix of web as well as mobile SaaS and ideally should be integrated with operator’s telecom assets, e.g. subscription based billing on your telecom invoice.

Telecom operators should start enabling dotcoms instead of ignoring this potentially highly profitable innovations. Operators have many assets to offer that small companies will appreciate, at least if they come at the right price. This is the time to start enabling this new ecosystem.

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