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New NoSQL and similar products to keep on the radar.

Google has open sourced a low-level nosql storing engine that is authored by the creators of mapreduce and bigtable. Definitely worthwhile to keep an eye on: leveldb. Especially for the products that will be incorporating it.

In a previous post I mentioned that open source graph databases where not ready yet. This one looks promising. Especially because the authors are the number three in the social networking space. At least if they provide access to the code and use a business friendly open source license like Apache’s: stigdb.

Twitter is open sourcing storm on September 19th. It has been referred to as the hadoop of realtime processing. All stream related data is likely to see big advantages by using storm.

Update: Storm has been released on github. Check out the wiki pages.

Update2: You might be interested in the next Storm extension Trident as well as a competing product: Spark and family

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