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The container for long tail post-sales support – part 2

In a previous post I shared that I was looking for the container for long tail post-sales support.

Today I would like to present a draft proposal. Feedback is very welcome. The idea is to simplify support to a 0 to 5 stars model:

0 stars: No support.
1 star: Best-effort / community support
2 stars: Basic 8×5 SLA with no penalties and web/email support,  daily scheduled maintenance windows possible.
3 stars: Basic 8×5 SLA with limited penalties and phone/web/email support, nightly scheduled maintenance windows possible.
4 stars: Advanced 24×7 SLA with significant penalties, phone/web/email support, and limited off-peak (e.g. weekend nights) scheduled maintenance windows
5 stars: Mission critical 24×7 SLA with high penalties, on-site support and no scheduled maintenance windows

Additionally the operator would be measuring both the availability of the service,  the responsiveness of the support, and the buyer’s satisfaction rates hence not only the “theoretical SLA” is available to potential buyers but the last 12-months of actual performance as well.

By having a simple star system, small and medium enterprises would immediately be able to compare a 1 star with a 5 star support. Afterwards within each star level there might parameters that can differ like the amount of penalties, the 8×5 time zone, the nature and limits of the schedule maintenance windows, etc. So there is still flexibility and potential to differentiate through support.

Having a standard support offering would be one step closer for buyers to be able to understand what they are buying and for operators to be assured that companies offer a standardized high-quality service.

Standardization bodies could even make contract templates, certification programs, etc. to make sure post-sales support is uniform and easily understandable.

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