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Finding the Container for Long Tail Post-Sales Support

There are several long tail sales channels that are currently showing results. Clear examples are Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc. However there is a key area that is currently not resolved: long tail post-sales support.

In the telecom world, operators are not launching long tail applications because they can not offer post-sales support. A lot of small innovative solutions are not meeting the public because the operator can not afford consumers or small businesses to call massively their call centers. Every call-center call costs €1 or more and training call center agents on thousands of niche applications is virtually impossible.

A director in a tier 1 operator told me the other day that what we are missing is the container for long tail post-sales support. His logic was that the second biggest invention after the Internet was the container and the pallet. They allowed goods to be shipped cheaply all over the world. The Internet accelerated the purchases but the container made it possible that China and others produced it and the rest of the world consumed it.

We need to find the container for long tail post-sales support. The simple solution that allows people to understand which services and solutions have a best-effort, basic or top-class support and to get their problems resolved in the shortest and easiest way.

What is the problem? An individual programmer can build a very successful application, launch it on a telecom cloud and get virtually overnight thousands of customers. This programmer would be totally overwhelmed with bug reports, feature requests, integration needs, customization needs, training needs,  etc. from thousands of consumers and small businesses. A business can not afford a critical service not to be available during hours or even minutes or seconds. A single programmer might be a guru in building an innovative application but might lack basic skills in supporting it.

The same would be true if we talk about niche solutions, open source solutions, general solutions with long tail plugins, telecom PaaS platforms,  etc.

So do I know what the container is? Not yet but I am actively reviewing different solutions. If you are interested in participating then drop me a line: maarten at telruptive dot com.



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