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FCC’s net neutrality short-term heavy pain, long-term gain???

The newest FCC ruling about net neutrality will have far reaching consequences for VoIP. US operators will not be allowed to block VoIP from competing providers. This means that Skype, Google Voice, etc. will have free access to the operator’s networks.

It is unclear if Europe will follow the US. Not being able to block VoIP will mean that voice and SMS revenues will decline faster than before. Phone tariffs will no longer be able to include statements like “VoIP is not allowed or will mean the user accepts a more expensive tariff plan”.

However is allowing universal VoIP really bad in the long-term?

In case the FCC’s net neutrality would not have included this statement and operators would have continued having a “monopoly” on mobile VoIP what would have happened? Probably nothing major. And it is exactly this state of not being forced to move on and bring out innovative services to substitute declining voice and SMS revenues that is dangerous. Dotcoms are innovating at crazy speeds. Sooner or later they would find ways around a legal “monopoly”. However with the new rules the operator’s management is no longer exclusively thinking about rolling out LTE or not.

In Europe VoIP should also be declared open for general usage because otherwise there is a major risk that European operators lag behind in the mid-term and can never recuperate again…

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