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Long-Tail Telco Services

We have gotten accustomed to having to choose between 5 to 10 tariff plans. However what would happen if we would have liberty to define our own tariff plans. A simple application with sliders could allow everybody to build their personalized tariff plan:

  • Which hours in the day you want an all you can eat and which hours you want to pay per minute or second?
  • How many minutes, mega-bytes, SMS, MMS or video calls you get included in your tariff plan?
  • Do you prefer a low call set-up fee and higher tariffs or the reverse?

Moving the sliders will have an impact on what you pay fixed per month.

However why stop with the personalized tariff plan? Why not allow users to define lists of friends, family and colleagues and have their own short code dialing plan for them (VPN)? Of course also here we can add a personalized dialing plan for friends, family and colleagues…

To really hit the long tail we need an infinite list of services users can pick from. In previous posts you can read about Net App Stores.  They are stores that sell telco network-based applications. With an open market for these net apps, there could be thousands or even millions of them. Since the long-tail says that 98% of the applications will sell at least once per month or quarter, operators should try to have the most extensive library possible…

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